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Client Testimonials

I was a client of Tim MacMillan for four years and I will always, unless he recommends someone else to help me with a case, use Tim as an attorney. I speak of Tim MacMillan after working with him for four years on a ligation case. He has treated me and both my daughters with respect and most of all, patience. He is encouraging, honest and to put it simply...a real person. He speaks to you the truth, even when we want to hear different. However, he speaks with such honesty and in our case, heartfelt honesty, you will be able to think rationally. He has a way of making us understand and accept the laws, rules and regulations. We never felt pushed. Tim waited for us to say when it was enough. He made it possible for us to have closure in our lives. Tim MacMillan in very involved in Carroll County and that says a lot about him as a person. It proves he does care. Time is our most precious gift, and our most unselfish gift to others and our community.

Jennifer H. Martin

From time to time life will give you situations that require you to turn to a professional for help. If you are ill, you see a doctor. In April, you need a tax accountant. In my situation, I needed a lawyer as many of us do on occasion. Tim Macmillan took my situation and carried me and my family on his shoulders and provided us the confidence that everything was going to be ok. Tim's professionalism and grit to fight for me was nothing short of amazing. I know going forward if a situation arises and I need a lawyer, there is no other option for me. The Best Lawyer in West Georgia is definitely Timothy Macmillan of Carrollton, Georgia.

Matthew M.

I was very pleased with the professional services that I received from Mr. Tim MacMillan's Law Office. Everyone was very nice, helpful and concerned. I would recommend his office for your legal representation.

Vicki Grizzard

I was very satisfied with Tim’s performance regarding my divorce proceedings. Tim clearly explained all of my options and made sure that I understood the process. He worked with me to make a difficult time as painless as possible while always looking out for my best interests. I would highly recommend Tim to anyone who needed an excellent divorce lawyer.

Shann McGuire

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